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I have known Susanne Schüpfer for many years and was able to witness her commitment to “her” children at first hand. This is why I did not hesitate in becoming an association member and one of the first patrons. Since then, I have been in Vietnam twice and visited some of the families where I was very impressed to see that with very little help a family can achieve an existence fit for human beings. Although Nha Trang is a booming tourist centre to-day, the local poor have no share in this success and the profits go to the investors. The only chance for our children to share is through education.During my visits I realized that the high efficiency of Susanne’s work is due not only to cost cutting but also to a strict control of where the money goes. Susanne makes two trips a year to Vietnam to see how things are going and, together with the local social services, to see what still needs to done. Susanne’s work is much appreciated Nha Trang, not only by the families but also by the local government. She received an award from the state and the local television did a program about her work. I have joined the association with full conviction and have no hesitation in recommending it.

R. Ladner, Aktuar, Basel, February 2008.
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