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In 1994, Susanne Schuepfer was touring Asia and was in the middle of Vietnam. She stopped at Nha Trang, just to the south, where she was deeply moved by the poverty of the people there. The town, with about 300 thousand residents, is on the shore of the South China Sea. It has a beautiful stand but also many slum type areas of bitter poverty. Susanne quickly realized that something must be done to help no matter how small.
Back home in Basel she started her tireless quest. In 1995 she founded the association 

Susanne’s Help for Vietnam which she registered in the commercial register of the city of Basel.




Susanne Schuepfer,
Founder and President of the association.

Our main purpose is to provide patrons for the children from poor families. This often means aid to the whole family with anything from medical aid or gift of a bicycle to house renovation or building new small houses.

For the enormous expenditure, Susanne can depend on help from well known companies like Nestle Ltd., Holcim Ltd., Pelikan, or Trisa AG as well as many patrons and private spenders. Also the Lottery fund of the city of Basel has supported Susanne’s work in Vietnam.


Susanne at her stall during the Saturday sales in and around Basel.

Susanne has a lot of assistance from her helpers. She never tires of the stall sales and the accompanying work with the public. She pays a part of the cost of the journeys to Vietnam out of her own pocket. 

The gratitude and the friendliness of this disadvantaged folk gives Susanne the strength to carry out her selfless work which has become her main purpose in life.


We go to evening schools during our visits. We give packets and rice to about 500 children. Most of the children work during the day and go to school in the evening. Unfortunately, there are ever fewer evening-schools in Nha Trang.